Transforming Hidden Talents into High Performance

Please try the checklist below. If you checked any of these, contact Linda to find out how she can help you understand how these can impact your organization’s success, and how we can help.


  • My organization is expecting retirements in the near future.
  • Retirees will take valuable tacit knowledge about how things work in our organization with them.
  • We are hiring more immigrants and minorities.
  • We need strategies for engaging immigrant and minority employees.
  • Employee turnover is on the rise. Employees are terminated voluntarily and involuntarily.
  • There seems to be conflict where there used to be collaboration in the workplace.
  • Our efforts at performance management, and particularly performance appraisal don?t seem to be effective. We don?t seem to be able to identify the true capacity of our new employees.
  • Employees who are immigrants and minorities are more numerous at lower levels in the organization.
  • There are no immigrant or minority managers in our organization.
  • There are no immigrants or minorities at the highest levels of management.
  • Immigrant and minority employees get and take professional development training at the same rate as our other employees.
  • Immigrant and minority employees regularly work on multi-functional teams.
  • Immigrant and minority employees lead workplace teams regularly.
  • Our managers have taken awareness-building training.
  • We have identified immigrant or minority employees for grooming for leadership positions.

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