Transforming Hidden Talents into High Performance


Is your workforce changing in ways you aren’t prepared for? Are you having difficulty retaining new employees at the same time that your established workforce is preparing for retirement? How do you insure knowledge transfer from retirees and avoid leadership gaps? You’re competing with other companies and industries, and even other countries for qualified employees, and with diverse employees of all kinds, it’s a challenge.

I would like to work with you

This is my passion, to help organizations like yours transform your talent management into inclusive practices that tap into the best that your employees have to offer. I would love to learn how I can help you. Please contact me for a free consultation.

Inclusive Talent Management

Talent management skills are a must if you want to stay competitive and productive. With the changing workforce, you also have to learn to be inclusive, which requires

  • Awareness of your own values, expectations, and behaviours, and how effective these are for reaching your talent management goals
  • Inclusive talent management skills that are customized to your own organizational and management objectives
  • Mindful actions to establish new patterns of expectations and behaviours, while safeguarding values