Transforming Hidden Talents into High Performance

I am committed to helping businesses and individuals maximize their potential. When we enjoy our work and are empowered to perform at our best, we are satisfied and the pie gets bigger. Too often we fight over the pieces of the pie as if it is static and unchangeable. Let’s work together to widen the lens we use to see how things work. We can change how things work.

Confidentiality is my number one commitment to you, and I will customize my services to meet your particular needs.

All professional services are delivered exclusively through my company, Leadership Mosaic Inc., which was founded in 2007 when I first realized that I had found my passion with my work on inclusive talent management. The team of professionals working with Leadership Mosaic Inc. will provide you with expertise and services to maximize your organizational capacity.

Some of the ways we can work together are:

Free Initial Consultation (30 minutes)

I would like to see if my service fits your needs and going to be useful in this session. After the initial consultation, I will send you a proposal of services accordingly.

Discovery Session (2-3 hours)

  • Identify your objectives and challenges
  • Review current organizational culture and practices
  • You will take from this session a plan for movement forward and some observable, measurable changes you can make

Benchmarking Intercultural Sensitivity and Talent Management

  • Confidential online inventory to be completed by employees
  • Debriefing presentation of group results
  • Individual, confidential explanation of results and guided development plan

Customized Training

Results of discovery session and/or benchmarking exercise will inform development of a training program customized for your organization or group


Presentations and webinars (online presentations) can be made to groups of any size. See examples of previous talks

For more information or inquiries, you can contact Linda.