Transforming Hidden Talents into High Performance

Dr. Linda Manning is an award-winning teacher and researcher who works with managers and human resource professionals to create strategic and inclusive talent management practices for optimal organizational capacity. She has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and training worldwide. Her early work on inclusive practices resulted in publications and training in teaching students with different learning styles, aimed at improved learning and retention in the classroom. After shifting her focus to the workplace, she became the concept designer and subject matter expert for the learning design of TalentNet, a free online e-learning tool for managers facing the challenges of changing workplace demographics. She is a compelling and entertaining keynote speaker and workshop trainer who believes learning should be fun and effective. She is known for her didactic skills that facilitate learning and provoke self-reflection on one?s own practices and the impact they have on goal achievement. The focus of her presentations and teaching is on what the audience can take away from the session and use it in their own workplace.

Linda can be instrumental in creating inclusive practices to improve productivity and retention in workplaces where demographics are shifting quickly. She is not only an experienced learning designer and trainer, she is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory. She can provide:

  • Measure and benchmark individual and group stages of cultural sensitivity
  • Build a strategy for individual and group transformational learning, including awareness, applied knowledge and skills, and mindful action
  • Customize and deliver training for management and employee groups
  • Presentations to motivate and create awareness of cultural competence as a management tool

Linda is a visionary economist who believes that individual changes make a difference in the organization. A workplace can be productive only if there is a connected, productive team of employees whose talents are recognized and valued. The CEO may understand this. Employees may get it. But if managers don’t get it, organizational capacity will not be maximized.

Her approach to training is collaborative and flexible. She considers herself more of a midwife than a master. She keeps her eye on the goal, her goal for learning, and participants’ goals for stronger, better, more productive workplaces. Linda has been a frequent speaker at conferences, most recently at the Capilano University TEDx Talk event on November 5, 2011. She has been quoted in a number of management and HR publications, and has begun to leverage social media to increase her circle of influence.

Linda is a published author. She holds an IETP Intercultural Studies Certificate from University of British Columbia, and she is an Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator, 2011

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