Transforming Hidden Talents into High Performance

The Power of Inclusion


Last year at TEDxCapU, Linda explained why the way we work doesn’t work any more and what we need to do about that.
This workshop will help you do it!

November 27, 2012

Joseph and Rosalie Segal Centre, Room 1410
SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

Morning Workshop: (8:30-12:00)

Afternoon Workshop: (1:00-4:30)


Transformative Leadership in the 21st Century

Come join us if you are a

  • Senior or mid-level manager working with an ever-changing workforce
  • Human capital professional interested in inclusive talent management
  • Future leader developing strategies for long-term growth and productivity

Discover individual actions you can take to

  • work with diverse employees in a rapidly changing work environment–Retain Top Talent
  • understand your organizational culture and how you can work most effectively in it–Fit In for Success
  • build networks to build personal capacity–lower your workload for greater efficiency–Turn Social Capital into Social Income

In this workshop you will participate in an immersive, interactive learning experience. It will be a busy half day with lots of activities, with no right or wrong answers–just opportunities to learn valuable skills to take back to your work on Friday. Expect a few ‘aha’ moments during the session.

You will learn how

  • Performance and productivity improve through inclusion
  • To build rapport in cross-cultural relationships for high performance
Dr. Linda Manning

After a successful appearance at the Capilano University TEDx event last November, Dr. Linda Manning has returned to Vancouver to appear on the SHINE ( program. She is an award winning educator, researcher, and author who works with employers to create strategic and inclusive talent management practices for optimal organizational capacity. This workshop is designed for Vancouver business people, and she is looking forward to leading participants through a lively, interactive learning experience.

Linda is a visionary intercultural economist who believes that individual changes make a difference in the organization. She is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, and holds an Intercultural Studies Certificate from University of British Columbia. She believes a workplace can be productive only when employee skills and competencies are recognized and valued. Register for the workshop–get ready for the challenges of a multicultural workplace in a global economy.

For $199 per person (including tax), get an experiential learning experience. Take away new understanding of cultural norms that drive your own management practices and how these can affect your professional success. Get a customized plan for more effective interactions in a multicultural workplace, based on your own objectives and needs.

Take advantage of discounts

  • Groups of 3 or more for $149/per person, including all taxes and fees
  • See a sample of testimonials below

Morning Workshop (8:30-12:00 a.m.)


Afternoon Workshop (1:00-4:350 p.m.)


Questions? Contact Linda at [email protected]


I had the pleasure of listening to Linda speak at a TEDx event at Capilano University. Her topic of the changing workplace and the resulting impact was so engaging that I was compelled to reach out to her and have her speak at one of our local alumni chapter events. Linda is highly engaging, and brings to light the real issues of the demographic shift-taking place as a result of aging workforce and increased cultural diversity through immigration. Participants who attended our event left more informed and provided very positive feedback. I would highly recommend anyone in the field of Human Resources to engage Linda to help them understand the implications and maximize the tremendous opportunities that this change brings!

Keena Hicken-Gaberria
Principal, New Leaf Enterprises
Vice-Chair, Royal Roads University, Vancouver Alumni Chapter

I attended a course entitled ?Leading a diverse workforce? that Dr. Linda Manning developed in conjunction with Algonquin College. Her teaching style towards adults was an experience that I will never forget. The training was very hands on and full of personal experiences that she was willing to share. She is very down to earth, approachable and well versed in the field of diversity and inclusion. She has provided me with additional insight and a different perspective in this field, which has benefited me as a subject matter expert and in turn my workplace. She has remained an additional resource that I can always go to when I require a second opinion.

Helen Petersen
Diversity Officer